Anton as a blogger

OrO22r3uR-EHi there everyone!Β 

I am Anton from Ukraine and just started first year in The Hague Uni of applied sciences on industrial design and engineering. I am the guy who likes mixing totally different things, creating my own stuff, cooking and tasting new things; great fan of nice soul and loud base music, beautiful nature and minimalism (simple but multifunctional) in everything!

I am from Kiev and I spent last year in the Great Britain, Cornwall. I used to spent lots of time in the workshops messing around with laser-cutter, engravers and different tools for metal processing, wood curving etc. I adore drawing different shapes and creating my own ones. I also like to spent time doing practical mathematics and physics tasks. So I decided to continue engineering road of whole my family and to push my own creative design line.
By the way I also had experience in volunteering and working with people as a member of Ukrainian scout organisation.

As a personality I am quite straight in saying what I want to and I definitely like to reach my goal even if it is usually quite messed up.
I am kind of easy-going person so if you need good ideas and efficient work feel comfortable to contact me! πŸ™‚

Good luck, people πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Anton as a blogger

  1. I envy your oportunities to fool around in workshops and with machines!!! , great that you are straight forward with your beliefs and aspirations. happy that you are part of our NGO and as always DFTBA!


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