Alisa and her vision

Me and my pal
I’ve discovered that I don’t have a decent recent photo of myself, but I hope presence of this noble gentleman will smooth out any concerns regarding how different I look. (nice one pending)

Hello, friends! =)

Dang! Writing about yourself is not easy! To fulfill this complex task I asked fellow teammates for guidance and surprisingly discovered that I eat “different” food (any fellow buckwheat and raw cauliflower fans out there? Anyone? No? Ok.)

In this post I won’t be writing about how amazingly well I make salted caramel cupcakes or focus on my previous background. I will share a Superpower or a few, though.

One of my strong beliefs: Forces that really kick ass are invisible and invincible. This is where my first Superpower appears – I measure people first by their kindness and their capacity for devotion. I’m also a fan of tangible approach in learning, which usually brings me into the land of underlying principles of how, what and why. (!!BORING!!)

My other Superpower is my experience. I’ve been exploring the incredible world of architecture for 5 mind-blowing years now and I’m not planning to stop! There’s one secret I’ll dare to share with you – I hug buildings when nobody’s watching, because I think architecture deserves more appreciation.

Do I know what I’m doing?

Well, “We know what we are, but not what we may be.” – I know I’m a person that strives for doing good things in the sake of goodness. I believe that main purpose of a designer is to cater people’s needs. For me personally, studying to be a better designer means trying to become a better person.

During this Module I will be humbly representing Client Services of my awesome InterHague team. And I’m exited! Exited, because this bunch of future greats already inspires and challenges me to become better me. Exited, because the tasks and responsibilities of my role are not the ones I’d normally choose for myself. And I’m looking forward to working with people from different backgrounds and opinions, because I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.

So, what lies ahead?


6 thoughts on “Alisa and her vision

  1. Great Presentation Alisa , It will be good to see you out of your comfort zone and sooner or later you will be a master in it . Please at least boil that coliflower at least , also , hugging buildings , you are not the only one…


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