First week as the ‘youngest’

As a 17 year old and just graduated high school kid, I knew I would be one of the youngest students  at the first day of school. After searIphone 9 september 2486ching for the gym for a while in a big new school I finally arrived at a crowded place, I saw new faces, many faces, international faces. We received a card that said we had to meet as many people as possible in 15 minutes. That’s what brought me in contact with the others. I heard so many great travelling stories and stories about what people already achieved in their lives. Some of the stories really inspired me and made me realize how different but also how connected we all are. There were so many cultures and backgrounds but we were all in the same place, with one main purpose, studying Industrial Design Engineering. And as I expected, there was just one other girl of 17 in that big hall, most of the other students were travellers, they did a gap year, maybe two, some even three years. At least I wasn’t the only one new in the student life. During the first few days we got assignments that showed us what the course expected from us and what we could expect from them. And I expect some great stuff now!

I met some Dutch girls the first day and during the week and the barbeque I got in touch with so many other great people! The sunset after the barbeque in Scheveningen was really pretty on a windy (dutch whether) day. And after the first week I was sure: these 3 years will be an extraordinary experience for me.

Esmée (or just S) Iphone 9 september 2491


2 thoughts on “First week as the ‘youngest’

  1. Hej Esmée, it was really interesting to me reading your blog post, because I got a similar feeling – just the other way around. When I talked to our fellow students the first days, I got the feeling that I am really old, haha, and that there’s hardly anyone who has a similar life story to mine (i.e. already did an apprenticeship, worked). And yes – there are a lot of travelling guys 😉 But I think our team as well as our group will profit from our different ages!


  2. Goosebumps! S, you’re the first student who has ever told me that those first little question thingy’s from Day 1 of the Intro WORKED! Very happy to hear from all of you, what works, but also… what doesn’t work. We are always trying to improve. Thanks for being a part of our team IDE!

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