InterHague, IDE, NGO, Stahili – what?

Yes, that’s a really good question! It sounds very difficult but actually it is easier than you think 🙂 So, let me explain!

Well, we are team InterHague: Alisa from Latvia, Edvinas from Lithuania, Anton from Ukraine, Esmée from The Netherlands and finally me, Manda from Germany. As you can see we are coming from all over you Europe, an international mix, gathered here in this beautiful city of The Hague. And what brought us together here? That is actually the common eager wish to become great industrial designers one day! And our dream starts here and now in participating in Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). So, let’s get started right away!

In our first project we have the honor to work together with a NGO (nongovernmental organization), namely the Stahili Foundation. Again, this weird word “Stahili” you may think now. But there’s a little hint in the word, maybe you can get it? Probably, if you speak Swahili, but I don’t think so 😉 So the word “Stahili” is the Swahili word for “deserve” and here’s the connection: Stahili Foundation is a volunteer-driven-non-profit organization that rescues and supports child victims of forced labour, exploitation, abuse and neglect in rural Kenya. It was founded by Laura Walker, Hannah Ackerman, and Michelle Oliel and they are fighting for the rights and the life children deserve. At the moment they take care about 30 orphans, but there are still a lot more children who have to be rescued! So let’s do it, let’s go to Kenya!

Well, that would be a little bit too far away 😉 But there are other opportunities for us to support the Stahili Foundation. First, we want to give them advice on fundraising through different channels. Furthermore, we want to help them to acquire much more volunteers to support them. And finally, we have the chance to revise their publicity material and messaging. So, a lot of work but we are quite enthusiastic and motivated about making a great effort and get to do something amazing!

Actually, we had our first contact with the Stahili Foundation and we are looking forward to getting to know Michelle Oriel, one of the founders of the foundation! We are really excited and can’t wait to tell you about it in our blog!
Stahili Foundation


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