Manda, just Manda.

Manda MatulicWhenever I introduce myself people ask me “Manda? Just Manda or is it Amanda?” and I answer “Manda, just Manda.” and then I start to tell my story. Now, here it is:

I was born in Berlin, but actually my parents are from Croatia and Poland. So, here’s the clue – Manda is a really old Croatian name! And yes, I speak Croatian fluently, as well as German, English and also a bit of Polish and French. But let’s come to the interesting part – why am I here?

Like the most of my fellow students I am really interested in design, especially product design as well as interior design, but that’s not everything – I’m a visionary, that’s my superpower! I have the vision to make a better life for people. And that doesn’t mean that I have to make universal peace – but it starts with the small things and you can go for it in every situation you face. Let me tell you some examples:

I did an apprenticeship with IKEA Germany as Designer for Visual Marketing and worked as Interior Designer subsequently for two years until now. So, my job was to plan and implement the roomsettings at IKEA and offer inspiring but also clever home furnishing solutions to the people – and I loved it! Actually, I didn’t do anything that will help to fight starvation or that will heal diseases, but in the end I could help people to make their life smarter, easier and much more beautiful as well. What I like about the job and especially IKEA is their vision to “create a better everyday life for the many people by offering affordable solutions”, because I can totally identify with it.

So, that was about my profession, but for real there’s another thing I am into! Some of you already know it – I am a member of the German Scout Association for over twelve years now and that’s one of the most amazing things I ever did. It is not only connected to my vision – it created my vision! So, let me explain. There is a quotation from Sir Robert Baden Powell, Founder of the World Scout Association – he said: “Leave the world a little better than you found it.” And that’s it, that’s the principle I live by, that’s me.

Manda, just Manda.

Manda's superpower


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