Meet a perfectionista

Hi everyone,Esmée Messemaker

I’m Esmée Messemaker, 17 years old, from the Netherlands and at the start line of an amazing lifetime.

And why is that so? Well I just started the course Industrial Design Engineering and I am very confusiastic about everything we’re going to learn.

During my years on high school in the Netherlands I was a shorttrack speed skater. I trained 8 times a week and skated a lot of competitions, last March I skated my last competition which was the European Championships. But for the upcoming years my focus will be on the University so speed skating will have to slip away for a while.

I’m ready for all the new challenges ahead and want to work with full power and excitement. As a perfectionist I always want to finish the assignments I started. I work precise and organized and want to get all out of the project. Although I still have to learn a lot. It’s important to accept the feedback I get and work with it. By doing so I will be able to expand my knowledge and make my projects even more successful.

English course as a Dutchie

Expanding my knowledge is also one of the main reasons why I choose the international course and not the Dutch program. During the IDE courses I’ll learn to corporate with international people, I’ll know more about different cultures and it will be easier to communicate and work with clients from abroad later in life. I’m also not afraid to take on challenges which made the decision for the English program even easier.

I hope to meet many kind and inspirational people during my years on the Hague University of Applied Science and I’m looking forward to all the new exciting projects.

Bring it on!



3 thoughts on “Meet a perfectionista

  1. Esmee! =)))
    I’m really glad you’ve chosen English track! (otherwise I wouldn’t meet you =P )
    You are the kind of a perfectionist I like – you strive for perfection, but you don’t overthink things too much =)


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