Week 2 Kitchen – my reflection

Taking on new responsibilities and tasks is like baking cookies for the very first time.

What’s in the cookie jar this week?

For a young designer, who’s given a project guide, it’s tempting to imagine that following this single set of rules will enable you to achieve success in completing given task. And maybe this can be achieved in theory, but in reality there are a lot of variables, and these variables are people. It’s very important to know on what ground you’re building your project, otherwise it may collapse. At the very start of our work as a team we didn’t really take time to estimate each others abilities, capacity of devotion and chosen responsibilities. But the goal for better functioning within the group is set – and there’s no doubt we’ll succeed!

Week 2 journey
Week 2 quest

Got any cake?

The week was full of research – we went from figuring out what NGO stands for, to learning about the role of communities and networks for the design of Stahili Foundation – a non-profit organization aimed to give Kenyan children better life and education.

We got familiar with two major projects and guiding principles of the Organization. For us to envision the pace at which the Stahili Foundation is developing and growing, it was crucial to learn Organization’s short-term, medium-term and long-term strategic goals.

Representatives of the Foundation are kind, intelligent, but very busy people. Although we are eager to hear their thoughts and insights, it’s not until next Wednesday that we’ll be able to communicate.

So what does Client Services do if the meeting with client is scheduled only for the next week? It continues working with other valuable networks! (Nancy, Alan, our great always-on-spot teachers – beware!)

I’m really proud that this week we were able to set good, strong network with our partner team – the watotomages. We managed to work together and brainstorm questions and ideas for Stahili Foundation in order to (hopefully) make our first meeting with NGO representatives resourceful, structured and interesting.

Looking forward to the upcoming week!

Baking questions
Photo proof of our Question Bakery

The laptops wept, the notes got crumpled, the goals are set, the cookies crumbled…


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Kitchen – my reflection

  1. Hej Alisa, yeah I agree with you concerning our role allocation. It’s a thing we have still to work on. It’s good that we share this opinion so it will be much easier to define our roles further on.
    Besides I’am really happy, that you represent Client Service! You work in a very focused and strategic way, which I like really much. Keep it up – you do a great job!


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