4 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes.


Well, after nearly 5 days of project I have to admit that I’m not yet really into it. At the moment it is still difficult to me to get the whole process, topic and relevance entirely. But I’m sure this state will change as soon as we will meet our clients (Stahili Foundation) the first time and we will get a real insight into their work. To dive in the process completely, I need more information in detail as I can get on the website. How they acquire volunteers at the moment? What their publicity material looks like? Do they already have an idea how it should look like after we have worked on it?
In my view the tasks they gave us are really challenging and I’m proud that they have so much cofindence in us. So, I’m looking forward to getting a lot of information about their ideas, their wishes and needs to become enthuastic and to strike up!

Concerning our start as a team I think we still have to work on arriving in our specific roles and to define what we really have to (and also what we not to have to do 😉 ). Who really takes care of our work and that everyone will take his part? Who takes care that everyone will get the information he/she needs? Maybe you say now: “Everything is explained in the manual!” Yes, it is! But in the moment I got the feeling that the tasks are a little bit messed up in our team 😉 But also this is a thing we can work on!

A really positive point in my view is, that we work together with another team, the watotomages, who also work with our client, the Stahili Foundation. I like the idea very much that we meet regularly, exchange information and ideas and finally make the video together. I’m very pleased with this concept of working on a project, because it doesn’t seem like competetion between the groups! So, you’re not feeling under pressure 😉

Finally, concerning this blog I’m still working on getting when the deadlines are 😉 Because it is a bit weird I think, that we get our new task on Monday and then we have to do all the writing of our posts and commenting on the other posts until Wednesday. There’s a lot of time in the rest of the week to read on other posts, blogs and to comment on the time – but maybe I got it wrong?

Although they are some negative points or rather points we and I still have to work on, I’m in a positive mood! But that a reflection is for 😉


2 thoughts on “4 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes.

  1. Hello to everyone still a bit confusiastic and unsure of what to do & when to do it. It’s part of the process and as I mentioned, you may print out a page of the course guide and “fix” what you think is not helpful. The guide is a guide… to help everyone through the process. Some teams work better with specific rules while others may be a Judge for themselves, discuss with the team what steps to take – and do what is necessary to get the job done.
    Because Communication and Collaboration are the major parts for this course, we throw you into it and you learn how to “swim synchronized “. The tasks per role are there to help you think of things to do to get to the next level. Also, they are attempting to balance the tasks between the different roles as it may appear that some need to do more than others, while this is probably not the case at all. The tasks near the end, making the video (and making it work well) should not be underestimated. At the same time, your balance of teamwork is up to you, the team. Let us know how that goes.


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