Just Eddy

Hi Guys !

My name is Edvinas , but foreigner people call me Eddy, because it’s easier to pronounce. I was born in 1996 August 13 in my hometown Klaipeda, Lithuania. By my thoughts, I’ve had the best childhood I could imagine: Playing outside all the time with my friends, building insane fortresses, houses, tunnels or just playing snow fight on winter. My favorite game was hide ‘n seek, no one could ever catch me, because i was like a little monkey climbing everywhere it was possible… andNOT.Heh…Childhood.. It was something special. 🙂 images

Since I remember, I’ve always been enthusiastic about football and music. At age 6 I started to play football for my hometown kids team. I played football professionally for 7 years. Won a lot of trophies in Lithuanian cup,I even have a silver medal from European youth football championship ! In elementary school, I signed up for school choir because my teacher told me that I have a beautiful voice. Unfortunately when my voice started to mutate in 6th grade, I stood a decision that I am not going to be another Michael Jackson or Bob Marley (who were my favorite singers by the way !) :(.

At age 13, me and my parents moved to the capital city- Vilnius.imgres

In a high school i choose design&crafts( One of the reasons why I started to study Industrial Design Engineering in The Hague University) and I found out that I am good at handcrafts, like wood carving, i found it very interesting and fun time spending method ! You guys(and girls maybe) should try for sure !It suddenly became my hobby ! As i moved to the capital city, I changed into an artist a little bit, started painting, producing music etc. But my only true passion forever will be football. There is nothing on earth that could keep me more alive than football. I still believe I can become a professional soccer player.

Things You should know about me:10636084_863944190282358_8430596806991947784_n

  • Tolerant
  • Patient
  • Curious
  • Positive
  • Communicable
  • Funny
  • always hungry
  • I love Audi

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