Last week we had struggles organizing efficient work within our group – figuring out each others roles and responsibilities and what input each of us may bring into successful work of our group in general. My team wasn’t really satisfied of my work, but starting from this week I took the management of our group in my hands. This week we were successful at resolving inner-team issues we had, and as a team leader, I see that our work has become a lot better.

Last week we all did our own part and that was it, we did what the course guide told us, but none of us didn’t really know what the others were doing. We discussed function of our team on Monday and figured a way for our team to function efficiently. Now more open and now everyone can share their ideas and opinions. We work together and we know what everyone expects from each other. We share our work when somebody is overloaded and each of us is willing to go that extra mile for our mutual success. We developed a sequence in which our blog will be updated and what information will be included.

TEAM Sweet SpotDruckAfter our productive Personal Branding class we compared our personal Sweet spot diagrams, we wrote down all gifts, passions and purposes that we have in common. Our passion of crafting and being active; our gifts of being organized, our communication skills and patience; and our mutual purpose to fight against humiliation and exploitation of people and exploitation of nature – we managed to build our Team Sweet Spot. The core of it lies in creating a better life for disadvantaged people through innovative ideas, leadership and training.

 This week we had a very resourceful conversation with our NGO – Stahily Foundation co-founder Michelle Oliel. She shared a lot of information on challenges the Organization is dealing with, and our nest goal is to carefully study these challenges and discuss within our group what can we do in order to help the Foundation in best way we can.
So the impression after this week is really good. We finally start to loose our ‘confusiasm’ and understand what we have to do. Good close team work and lots of new skills sure helped!
Week 3 was great, looking forward to new tasks in week 4!


2 thoughts on “R E F L E C T I O N

  1. Hej Anton, I think you’ve got the crucial point! I agree with you that we had a real good relfection and that we had a much better work flow this week than before. It was apparent that you found your role now and took charge of your tasks by organizing our team work. Furthermore it is really great that we have a time schedule now, when we have our additional team meetings (besides the ones on Monday and Wednesday). Our work atmosphere has made a complete u-turn – and I like it 🙂


  2. Hi Anton, and the other Interhague team members! Great blog and it gives the reader good insight in how you were working this past week. Focusing on the common goals you have as a team, rather than the separate individual deliverables will help you in achieving better results as a team and for your client, and with more efficiency.
    The photo does not really reflect the spirit of your team discussion though. You were much more active in class! OK, Edvinas was really not feeling well (how are you doing now??), but I saw the rest of you really working hard to have a constructive group meeting, even though it sometimes may have been hard to get all your individual ideas about the group tasks aligned.
    Compliments on the sweet spot and the visual as well – good eye for detail too with the images inside referring to the content of the three components!

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