We all talk about being very creative and visual persons, so to keep it in mind, we decide to dedicate a seperate blog post only to the needs of Stahili Foundation. From the following grafic you can infer in what fields the Stahili Foundation needs support as well as where they need it (klick on the grafic for full size).

The needs of the Stahili Foundation


8 thoughts on “Reminder!

    1. I agree with Marc, our NGO has the same ‘need’ for more support. We are trying to figure out the most effective and do-able methods of increasing awareness. Maybe we can grab a coffee soon and discuss the different options 🙂


      1. Sounds like a good idea!

        Our use of social media actually revolves around bringing people with the same concerns and passions together to help our NGO – another interesting approach. But I am sure there will be may overlapping findings!



    2. Hej Marc, hej Emily, thank you for your feedback on the infographic. We still work on a concept concerning ways to raise funds, but we are not sure yet to what extant we will relate to social media. As soon as we figure out how we will use it, I let you know – maybe there will be also a blog post on this subject.


  1. Nicely done, a great way to provide an overview of your clients needs, and I bet this can be used for your various media campaigns and social media outreaches.

    On a blog management strategy, I might suggest creating your own category for posts related to your client, call it what ever you want, like “For Stalihi” or “Client Sharing” — this way, all posts in this category can be seen by a single web address, e.g.

    This way you can have this as a link on your blog isdebar, and you can send it to your client was a bookmark they can use to see posts you have selected important for them to see.


    1. Hej Alan, thank your for your feedback on the infographic and for your advise concerning our blog management. It’s a really good idea to have a seperate category for our posts related to our client offering him/her a quick and clear overview! We will work on this as soon as possible! Thank you 🙂


  2. Very clear infographic – smart choice to visually separate the challenges by their geographical need as well! Apart from this, these are quite a few different challenges! Did you already think about how you will manage to tackle all of them within the timeframe of project community, or will you choose another approach?


  3. Your Infographic looks really good! I can clearly see our main challenges. I was also quite smart to choose the world map as a background cause Stahili works around Europe and Kenya.
    Also I really like the colour gamma and generally minimalistic style of our infographic.
    Good job, Manda!


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