Are you on Facebook?

Does this question seem familiar to you? I’m quite sure. Today’s society is considerably influenced by technology – being connected and being permanently online seem to be mandatory. But for real, there are a lot of technical tools like social media and web apps which can contribute significantly to reaching your goals by using them in the right way.

Therefore we had an accurate look on how our client, the Stahili Foundation, currently use these tools and tried to conclude whether there are any potentials – especially regarding the prospective enlargement of the foundation. To have a good overview we visualized the current situation in a spidergram and add some advice on possible improvements for a more efficient use of technology (klick on the graphic for full size).


12 thoughts on “Are you on Facebook?

    1. Hej Nancy,
      thank you for the pleasant feedback! I did it with Adobe Illustrator – I love this graphic program 😉 Yes, for sure you can share it, just go for it 🙂

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      1. Really nice job, so clear and aesthetic as well. I’ve started to become a fan of you/your works. I look forward to see your future works and working together. (on the final presentation)

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    1. Hej Nancy, very interesting blog post! Education and Social Media, it is really a delicate matter I think. First I also had to get used to get a lot of important information from university via Facebook when using it only for “private stuff” before 😉 But that’s a development which could be really interesting and important to follow!


      1. I’m curious, do you segment your private FB activity from your school activity? I.e. keep separate friends groups etc? I finally had to stop friending all my students and confined my interaction to the group spaces. That has worked out really well for me.


  1. Thank you for all the pleasant feedback! I hope you could also get some inspiration for your own work with your NGO from it 🙂


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