Week 4, don’t be afraid of spiders!

Last Sunday our Client Services had a face-to-face conversation with Stahili Foundation co-founder Michelle Oliel – detailed review of the conversation will be posted in our blog later this week. She shared a lot of information on challenges the Organization is facing right now. One of our goals this week was to cautiously analyze these challenges and discuss within our group what we could do in order to help the Foundation.

This week started with a discussion about the main needs of Stahili Foundation. We spoke with our partner-team, the watotomages, and decided that it would be best if we do the research together. Together we made the decision that our group should split into two mixed teams and focus on researching two main needs of our NGO: Fundraising opportunities and involving volunteers into Stahili Foundation activities. Our tasks for this week were: make a spidergram; do the research on volunteering and fundraising (depends on in which team the person is) and make two questions per person about the research he/she is into. We put our deadline on Sunday 12 am.150df0bf7c23ab0f75aa2bf69dec817dc1439141c7dbf308619d9957a31ae68c

The biggest struggle was creating the spidergram. We watched a video about Spidergrams, which was created by our tutor and professional consultant Nancy. It took us a while to define the areas in the spidergram, afterwards we discussed to which extend do these areas matter to Stahili in terms of technology. We gathered again on Wednesday – this time with a beatiful visualisation of our spidergram made by our documentarian Manda. We went through every area once again.  I’m very glad that our team really got into the job and it is getting easier and easier to understand and complete every task, every week. We are looking forward to week 5 and it’s new challenges!


2 thoughts on “Week 4, don’t be afraid of spiders!

  1. Yes, I think you got the crucial point, that it’s getting easier and better from week to week. In the meanwhile we got a good flow within our team but also within our whole group – together with the watotomages. I was totally in favor when the idea came up to mix up the group a bit and work much closer together. In my opinion that will contribute a lot to our final solutions. First, our whole group will be on the same level of knowledge, what’s going on, through having people from both teams in each research group. Furthermore I think, we do research better when we are also interested in the subject, so it was a good thing, that we could choose in which subject we want to dive in – i like! Looking forward to our next session 🙂


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