First video teamwork

For the end of this project we will make a video about all the solution we gathered for our NGO. To make this video we need video tools, I’ve made a list of all the video tools available in both teams.Video

The video tool list contains:
Manda: IPad, iPhone, GoPro, reflex camera
Emilio: Phone
Mate: Camera (canon)
Anton: Camera (canon), GoPro
Georg: Camera (lumix)
Sandra: Video camera (canon)
Esmée: iPhone, digital camera

We also have Edvinas who is very good at video editing and has some video programs on his laptop, someone from the other team will help him to edit the video in the end.

We will start the first filming session next Wednesday, during the stahili event in the Hague.

I’ve got faith in our teamwork and can see the video coming alive, do you too?


One thought on “First video teamwork

  1. This is very interesting! Actually recording something would be much more visual and will probably give a clearer message to your NGO. My team is just going to use a software in which we are going to display contents and have a voice over. May I ask what are you going to record?


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