Act 1, scene 1… Action!

Week 8, a week full of frustration, bad luck and stress. Why is that so? The holiday started well, we had almost everything arranged, we knew how we wanted to film and we made a list of props that everyone had to collect during the recess. But during the autumn break the ambiance changed, people […]

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Week X

Ladies and gents! We are almost on the finish line! We no longer count which week into the project – it’s officially a countdown! This week was full of collaboration. At this point we are working with fellow watotos so well – we complement each other like the magical yin-yang of peanut butter and jelly. […]

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6 weeks of hard work

Another big task for this week is reflecting on all the learnings for so far. Because everyone experienced these weeks differently I asked the following questions to everyone in the InterHague team: What did you learn the most from all of the past weeks reflections? Which team blog has had the most impact or has […]

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Story board already?

Week 6 arrived for our team, on Monday we started fresh and ready for the last 3 weeks of this project. This week is called ‘put it all together’ and that is also what we worked on. Monday was a very good day for both of our teams working for the NGO. Our mixed teams […]

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Evening with Stahili

Last Wednesday, September the 30th, we had a great opportunity to visit “Back to school with Stahili” event in Hathor event. People met there to celebrate and support Stahili’s work in giving education to children in Kenya. From InterHague team there were Anton and Alisa and also Abel from Watomages joined us as well. We met really […]

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