Evening with Stahili

Last Wednesday, September the 30th, we had a great opportunity to visit “Back to school with Stahili” event in Hathor event. People met there to celebrate and support Stahili’s work in giving education to children in Kenya.
From InterHague team there were Anton and Alisa and also Abel from Watomages joined us as well. We met really energetic and enthusiastic person and leader of Stahili Foundation Michelle and other members of this organisation. We explored for ourselves the way of creating this foundation and it really inspired us for our further work.
We spent a lovely evening in a company of members and friends of organisation, heard many cute stories about Kenyan kids and donated some money.
At the end we spoke to Michelle about fundraising and volunteering, took some pics with the team and gave the hug to Michelle.
12068019_1164346520247470_579024564_n 12071286_10203500450912452_338320575_n
Here are some lovely photos from this evening 😉


2 thoughts on “Evening with Stahili

  1. From my own experience I can tell that meeting your NGO makes so much difference! Also your meeting looks like combining work and fun 🙂 Skype calls and all technology can be tricky sometimes, nothing is as good as face to face conversation. For my group meeting with Francois helped us realised what he really expected from us to do and clarify the main objectives.


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