Story board already?

Week 6 arrived for our team, on Monday we started fresh and ready for the last 3 weeks of this project. This week is cIMG_1360alled ‘put it all together’ and that is also what we worked on. Monday was a very good day for both of our teams working for the NGO. Our mixed teams idea is showing off now. We all had ideas for advices and putted those ideas on post its. We hanged them on the wall and talked about the advices. After we all agreed on every advice and got some feedback we started with the main task for this week, making a storyboard.

We did some research by watching a video about making a storyboard. For the first draft of the draft we used the post its. We putted them in order on a big blank page. Now we know how we will build the video. Afterwards we had to find inspiration on how we wanted our video to look like. Shall we make an animation, a real live video, a whiteboard presentation? We all agreed on one video method in the end which we were all very enthusiastic about, it will be filming from a top view, already wondering how that will turn out, watch our video in the end! We divided the post its and set the deadline for ways to put your part of the post its in top view on Wednesday.


Wednesday we worked on the draft of the storyboard. We had some hard discussions but found our way through the process with both teams by talking a lot with each other. See the next post for the draft of the storyboard.


2 thoughts on “Story board already?

  1. I like the use of post-its to organise all your ideas before you started the storyboard. The thing I personally like about the use of post-its is that it allows you to move your ideas around, helping to come to a clearer and organized solution. This could help our team. Good luck with the video!


    1. That was exactly what we thought! Post its before the storyboard can allow you to change order so you can see what will fit the best and what doesn’t instead of drawing the whole storyboard again. Hopefully your team can make use of this! Thanks for you respond and good luck too!


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