Act 1, scene 1… Action!

Week 8, a week full of frustration, bad luck and stress. Why is that so?

The holiday started well, we had almost everything arranged, we knew how we wanted to film and we made a list of props that everyone had to collect during the recess. But during the autumn break the ambiance changed, people were not responding on questions about the prop list and we still couldn’t find a place to film on our first day: Sunday. At the end of the week still nothing had changed and we noticed that some didn’t put effort in the props. We agreed on letting the editors do the preparation on Sunday and we start filming on Monday. On Monday we found out that there was no preparation done. We had to find out how we could do everything. After 2,5 hours we finally could start to film, could. Turns out we lacked communication between script writers and editors, the script changed but the visualizations never got updated. Back to the start, Alisa and I (Esmée) went through the script again, the editors/filming crew started to try out the microphone and filming. They were searching for the best way to get audio and filming in the same time period. At 5 o’clock the lights had to be handed in so we stopped for the day and realized we are one day behind track and the filming will take a lot more time then we expected.

Tuesday, a small group of the editors worked on the filming, the set up went quicker and everything went fluent. 1/3 was filmed and Wednesday we continued, searched for an empty room and did the set up,again.

It was a hard week and we can feel the stress. There were some irritations among the group because of this but we managed to get our heads looking towards the same direction: the good end result of the video.

For all the other teams I can say: good luck and let’s rock that last week of our first module.




8 thoughts on “Act 1, scene 1… Action!

  1. All I can say is Good going and keep up the good work! There are always extra stress related things happening near the end of a team project and everyone just has to breath again and “just do it” – so what had been agreed upon, okay forgive… and ask forgiveness, admit and move on to get the job done.

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    1. Laura, I’m proud to say that Wednesday we were able to leave all arguments behind and really “just do it”. Those that relaxed beyond our agreements during the holiday were able to put themselves together and acknowledge their responsibilities. As for the rest of us – we realized that anger won’t lead us anywhere. We are a good team, if we put our minds and spirits together – I think the experience of previous weeks of our mutual work reminded us that we need to stand by each other through thick and thin in order to achieve desirable results.
      By the end of the day we were done filming and recording audio – on Monday it seemed as if we would never even start doing those things.
      Now the fate of our video is in the hands of our editors. After seeing how they worked today, I am confident that each one of them has what it takes to edit our material not less than perfect (high hopes and expectations).


  2. Hey Esmee!
    Nice reading your blogpost and seeing that my group is not the only one stressing at this point 🙂 . By small steps you will arrive to your goal, so we shouldnt stress so much!

    Good Luck and regards from The Ducks!

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  3. hey Amir! It’s hard to tell what our biggest challenge was but we did face trouble with getting the script and visuals on the same level. We filmed a green screen from top view so we needed to take every change in the script in account for the video. It was also hard to get the audio and visuals in the same time delay but we managed! Wednesday everything went a lot better, we filmed everything and the editing was done on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are very happy with the end result. You’ll see tomorrow!


  4. Even if it was really nervous process, at the end my team was as united as possible. We had a really useful discussions, made few changes and good improvements for our script and video. Group worked pretty organised even if we didn’t have enough ‘props’ for filming. Who is looking for some pics from filming process – go to my Facebook page.


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