Stahili’s challenges – our solutions

“In Hollywood, no one knows anything.” I sure felt like I was in Hollywood these past few weeks!

Nevertheless, GO BIG, OR GO HOME! (literally) So, we decided to go big.

I invite you to see for yourself what our hard work and sleepless nights were all about. Here’s a brief annotation to get you prepared for this quest:

Our video outlines main challenges Stahili Foundation is facing at the given moment and the solutions to these obstacles we came up with, taking into consideration the scale of the NGO’s work, their resources and priorities. The challenges themselves are pretty obvious and common among small NGOs, the reason behind them, however, is the tricky part. We shot our video in form of a story to help viewers see the problem from tip to the bottom of the iceberg.  And tried to incorporate the best ideas we came up with into a uniting strategy – each offered solution tackles all challenges one way or the other. (We also did our best in making it understandable and interesting with a pinch of wild effects =) ).



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