6 weeks of hard work

Another big task for this week is reflecting on all the learnings for so far. Because everyone experienced these weeks differently I asked the following questions to everyone in the InterHague team: What did you learn the most from all of the past weeks reflections? Which team blog has had the most impact or has […]

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First video teamwork

For the end of this project we will make a video about all the solution we gathered for our NGO. To make this video we need video tools, I’ve made a list of all the video tools available in both teams. The video tool list contains: Manda: IPad, iPhone, GoPro, reflex camera Emilio: Phone Mate: Camera (canon) Anton: […]

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Just Eddy

Hi Guys ! My name is Edvinas , but foreigner people call me Eddy, because it’s easier to pronounce. I was born in 1996 August 13 in my hometown Klaipeda, Lithuania. By my thoughts, I’ve had the best childhood I could imagine: Playing outside all the time with my friends, building insane fortresses, houses, tunnels […]

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Alisa and her vision

Hello, friends! =) Dang! Writing about yourself is not easy! To fulfill this complex task I asked fellow teammates for guidance and surprisingly discovered that I eat “different” food (any fellow buckwheat and raw cauliflower fans out there? Anyone? No? Ok.) In this post I won’t be writing about how amazingly well I make salted […]

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Anton as a blogger

Hi there everyone!  I am Anton from Ukraine and just started first year in The Hague Uni of applied sciences on industrial design and engineering. I am the guy who likes mixing totally different things, creating my own stuff, cooking and tasting new things; great fan of nice soul and loud base music, beautiful nature […]

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Manda, just Manda.

Whenever I introduce myself people ask me “Manda? Just Manda or is it Amanda?” and I answer “Manda, just Manda.” and then I start to tell my story. Now, here it is: I was born in Berlin, but actually my parents are from Croatia and Poland. So, here’s the clue – Manda is a really […]

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